4 Facts About the World’s Smallest Cat Breed

Cats are cute all on their own, the smaller the more adorable. However, one breed of cat is so small that it’s earned the distinction of being the tiniest cat breed in existence: the Singapura. Here are four key things to know about this fascinating cat.

1. The Singapura got its name from the fact that it originated in Singapore. By 1982 the CFA registered the breed, and it was granted championship status by the organization in 1988.

2. It’s considered to be the smallest species of cat, even smaller on average than the Cornish Rex and American Curl.

3. Singapore’s Tourism Board started a campaign in 1990 to make the Singapura the country’s national tourism mascot. Eventually the campaign was a success, and now sculptures of Singapura cats are located along one of the nation’s most prominent tourist attractions, the Singapore River.

4. The Singapura looks similar to two other breeds, the Abyssinian and the Burmese. However, both of the latter typically grow to be larger in size than the Singapura.