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How to Make Your Home Your Haven

There’s a big difference between a house and a home, am I right? A house is a physical space. It’s basically just a box you rattle around in. It can either be a place you can’t stand to be in, or a place that nourishes and inspires you. So here are some simple rules of household living to follow that will make you happier to be home, and give you a sense of having a haven instead of just a house to come back to!


First, don’t underestimate the importance of all those little chores! Make your bed in the morning. It’s important to get yourself to a place where you’re creating order early in the morning, because it sets the tone for a productive day! So make your bed, fold your PJ’s, and get right to the business of the day. Making time to create some order makes you feel more purposeful and in control, so your home isn’t a place you’re panicking!

One other big piece of wisdom is to declutter! It’s saying something when one of the best-selling books this year is all about how to create a ritual of going through your possessions and finding something to throw out or give away. Clutter leads to feelings of chaos, and you want to feel in control. So cut down on clutter to make your home feel cleaner, more productive, and less chaotic!


While you’re weeding out clutter, make sure that the things you’re putting on display in your house have meaning! You want every picture on the wall to have an emotional cue, so you feel happy, fulfilled and part of something bigger than yourself, whether it’s a map of the world, a family photo, or a painting that makes you feel really strongly. There’s nothing worse than a meaningless object, so make sure yours are purposeful and there for a reason!


The Dalai Lama says that the most important part of his day is when he meditates in the morning and takes time to feel gratitude for being alive and well, which is something we should all embody! Set an intention for the day, so you feel purposeful, and take a minute to look around and feel gratitude for your home, and all the people and experiences in it.


While we’re on the subject of experiences, here’s a great rule to follow in your life and your home spending: spend money on experiences, not things! So, instead of buying an expensive accessory for your bedroom, consider a wine refrigerator, to be sure to have friends round have a good conversation! Invest in a grill to have barbecues, so you get a huge return on your investment in the experiences and joy it brings you with people, rather than spending your money on just another possession!

The last big thing you can do to make your house more like a home is to use rituals to make yourself feel content and more appreciative of little things in your life. Appreciate the ritual of making tea, of doing laundry, of sitting in your favorite chair at the end of the day. Savor all those experiences, and cultivate gratitude, which the Dalai Lama says leads to contentment!